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Narrative Greeting Cards

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

I'm a postmodern therapist and one of the main models of therapy I use is Narrative Therapy.

In Narrative Therapy there is a concept known as Therapeutic Documents. Which is a very formal or technical way of referring to things like greeting cards, letters, and certificates of accomplishment.

My own use of Therapeutic Documents has almost exclusively included greeting cards. There is something about being handed a greeting card that is always a little magical, and I think my clients deserve to have as many magical moments in their lives as possible.

Unfortunately, with the onset of the pandemic, and switching over to teletherapy, I struggled to find a safe and effective way to distribute greeting cards to my clients over the last few years. Emailing pictures of the cards has worked somewhat, but has nowhere near the same magical touch.

For the holidays, I got a new card studio software. I'm unreasonably excited about this, since I am hoping to start seeing some clients in person again during this year. So I spent a little time poking around the program and printing off some trial runs that you can see pictured above.

I cannot wait to be able to incorporate the magic of in-hand greeting cards back into my therapeutic practice.


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