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Flyers, Handouts, and Guides - Oh My

I started developing resource handouts outlining local LGTBQ+ resources when I was at my undergraduate program's clinic in Missouri. While there, I realized that some of my queer clients wanted to access resources, but weren't sure what resources were safe to access. I've created a guide for every clinic I've been at since, and I recently finalized the one I've developed for Prism Therapy Group here in Iowa.

At the same time, I finalized designing and printing out some rack cards, flyer cards, and a few other handout options for flyers. I'm excited to have these on hand and to be able to put some of the cards around town.

Next time you see me in person, remember to ask me for a printed copy of A Brief Guide to Iowa LGBTQ+ Individual and Family Resources. Or, you can go view or download your own PDF copy of A Brief Guide to Iowa LGBTQ+ Individual and Family Resources.

This is a brief guide, and I can't include every resource I would like to in it. However, I am certain there are a lot of amazing local and statewide LGBTQ+ resources that I am not aware of yet. So if there is a resource that you really feel should have been included but wasn't, let me know about it by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. I'll check it out and be able to consider including it the next time I update the guide.


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