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Are you an LGBTQ+ adult who is struggling or stressed at work, in relationships, or from the current cultural and political climate? This group is for you. Group therapy brings a collective magic to the therapeutic process that you deserve to experience.

MONDAYS 6:30 - 7:30 CST in Hiawatha, IA. Slots are limited; reserve yours below.

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LGBTQ+ Group Therapy Sign Up
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In-Person Group Therapy

Currently re-Evaluating Day and Time

Indicate your available start times for a 1-hour group at sign-up

Prism Therapy Group in Hiawatha, IA (Cedar Rapids metro area)

$105 - Most Insurance Accepted

THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU if you are an LGBTQ+ adult who is struggling to adjust or who keeps experiencing distress because you’ve had negative experiences related to being queer at work, in your relationships, in your culture, or due to the current political climate. Slots are limited, reserve yours today.

WHAT TO EXPECT:   This is a one hour, in-person group located in the group therapy room at Prism Therapy Group in Hiawatha, Iowa. This group uses collaborative and transparent postmodern solution-focused interventions to treat adjustment and stress disorders in relation to gender dysphoria, gender incongruence, and sexual orientation. This group is an affirming space with a facilitating therapist who is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

THERAPIST:   Kalen Zeiger, tLMFT, CCTP, CFTP sees clients at Prism Therapy Group under clinical supervisor Jess Pladsen. Kalen is part of the LGBTQ+ community and has worked directly with clients through coaching since 2008 and therapy since 2019. Kalen has a BA in Psychology; MS in Human Development and Family Science, Marriage and Family Therapy; and is a Doctoral Candidate in Couple and Family Therapy.

Why Groups?

Why Not Individual Therapy?

Individual and group therapy are each valid and effective modalities that offer varying benefits. For a population that has faced ostracization both from the wider society and often from our families as well, there is something especially healing about belonging and processing in a community space.

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